Valeting Services

Cars, Boats, Motorhomes and Fleet

Whatever vehicle you own, I can offer solutions to help you take care of it. If it has paint, wheels, seats and glass I can clean, polish and enhance the various surfaces. Whether you have a car which is coming to the end of its lease period, a boat which needs polishing and protecting or a motorhome which you want ready for the season, I can offer a service to meet your requirements.

Motorboat after machine polishing


Whether its at your house, or a marina I can safely and thoroughly clean your boat inside and out. I can machine polish it to get it looking its best and protect the paint against the elements. Get in touch for a free quote - prices depend on the service required and are usually per foot.


Caravans and motorhomes require correct care to avoid damage. I use high quality detergents and low pressure washing to safely clean your vehicle. Machine polishing and long term protection are available as well as interior cleaning, carpet and upholstery shampooing and extraction. My van has water and electric on board, so I can work at storage facilities or any location to get your vehicle ready for the season.

Motorhome after machine poishing and protection
Range Rover Vogue


If you have a car coming to the end of its lease period I can valet it ready for when it gets handed back. Having a thorough valet carried out can help to avoid unwanted additional charges. If you need your seats shampooed and extracted, the engine cleaned or the paint polished then I can cover whatever you need.


Your company vehicles are your businesses image on the road. 
What does yours say about your business?
First impressions count and a well presented car promotes your business in a positive way.

Regular care of your vehicles using high quality products and proper techniques will keep your fleet looking it’s best for much longer. 

A Mini Cooper company car