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Pre-detailing Inspection

Audi A5 S-line

Prior to booking any detailing job, especially paint correction and enhancement, I will need to see your car.

If you bring it down to my detailing studio in Cullompton, we can have a coffee and a chat about what will best suit your needs. I can then take multiple paint depth readings and look at the paint under high power LED lights to assess what course of action is both appropriate and achievable. We can then discuss the various options for enhancing and protecting your car and arrange a date to carry out the work.

Paint depth readings

If you would like me to visit you for an inspection, then I am happy to do that. This normally takes about an hour and costs from £40.


Whats included:

  • safe wash (if necessary)

  • vehicle blow dried using a high power blower

  • interior inspection and assessment

  • multiple paint depth readings taken

  • paint inspected under LED lighting to assess condition (LED lighting simulates the sun and shows defects such as scratches and swirls which aren't always visible without bright light) for more information on these defects, read my machine polishing and paint correction page.

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