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The underside of your car is the area that is most exposed to dirt, road salt and chemicals, but is also the least likely to get cleaned on a regular basis or to be protected.


Having a purpose built detailing studio means we can offer options for degreasing, steam cleaning and protecting the underside, arches and exhaust system of your car which are only available through a very limited number of companies in the country.


For years, the only option for protecting a cars underbody was a thick, waxy coating. The downside to this type of product is that it hides the components, making working on the car difficult and then if any water gets trapped between the coating and the underside of the car it has the potential to cause rust.


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We are delighted to be one of Lanoguards approved installer centres.

We can inspect the condition of your vehicle and help you to decide the best plan of action for cleaning it in preperation for protecting it. A single Lanoguard application lasts at least a year and we provide a full annual maintenance program.


  • It's better for MOTs as it doesn't hide anything underneath it

  • You can clearly see the work that's been done on your vehicle

  • It doesn't trap moisture - it provides a great barrier coat to preserve your investment

  • It's cheaper than conventional treatments - yet provides an industrially used, heavy duty protection

  • It's eco friendly, and better for the garage due to it being non-harmful, non-toxic, and low-mess


With underbody protection, there are usually 2-3 stages which are required to prepare the chassis:

1: A full underbody wash and degrease. This process washes the underside of your car, using a high quality, (non-caustic) powerful degreasing shampoo. We remove each wheel so that we can get to all areas of the suspension components and wheel arches. Once complete, the car is brought indoors, put on our scissor lift, wheels removed and the whole underside of the car is blow dried using warm filtered air.

2: Treating rust if present. While Lanoguard say that it can be applied directly to rust, we have found that a much more durable and better finish is achieved when any rust on the suspension, subframe or other components is first treated. We wire brush surface rust*, then treat with a rust converter. This turns the porous rusty surface into a nice smooth surface which is the perfect base for applying Lanoguard. 

*In situations where heavier rust is present, we sometimes need to remove thicker rust with a rust hammer, or sand it using an airtool - this can be time consuming and the level of rust present (or not) will very much dictate how much it's likely to cost.

3: Applying Lanoguard to the whole underside of your vehicle, except for brake discs, pads and hubs.

If your vehicle is new or in excellent condition, then just the underbody wash, degrease and application of Lanoguard will be needed, otherwise some level of rust treatment will likely be needed.

To give you an accurate quote, we would usually prefer to see your vehicle to inspect it first if possible.

On average, the cost to clean the chassis, remove loose rust, treat with a rust converter followed by applying Lanoguard usually costs in the region of £360-£700, depending on the condition of the vehicle. (Larger vehicles with heavier rust can sometimes cost more)



IGL Eclipse is a unique protective coating which offers incredible resistance to chemicals and the environment.

It delivers unrivaled protection for the underside of your car, while retaining and enhancing the original finish. It is only available to IGL accredited detailers and has a lifespan of 2 years with one application.


With so many applications IGL Eclipse is incredibly versatile and has some unique features:
🔸Tested to ISO 9001 standards
🔸Extreme chemical resistance
🔸Able to expand and contract with the surface
🔸Withstands extreme temperatures up to 800°c
🔸Hardness rated above 10H
🔸100% silica content
🔸2+ years of protection
🔸Incredible gloss and shine
🔸Repels water, dirt and oil
🔸Due to its thick nature it can mask surface imperfections and makes coated surfaces look like new.

This coating is only available to IGL accredited detailers, if you're in the south west and are interested in protecting your car with the finest coatings then please get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Areas of your car that can be coated with IGL Eclipse:
🔸Suspension Components
🔸Brake Calipers

🔸Alloy Wheels
🔸Engine Components
🔸Exhaust System

🔸Almost all paint, bare metals and plastics

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