Interior Detailing Services


Just thorough cleaning, no tricks, dressings or polishes. I believe a cars interior should be as the manufacturer intended.


Steam cleaning, fabric shampooing and extraction and leather deep cleaning will get your car looking its best. 


Fabric and leather protection available, which will keep surfaces soft and supple and reducing the risk of staining.

Interior detail

A very thorough clean. Everything vacuumed and dusted, then all hard surfaces steam cleaned. 

Carpets/upholstery shampooed and extracted or steam cleaned. Leather deep cleaned, swabs used to clean crevices and the windows polished.

From £80

Child Friendly 

Interior Detail

Have you just bought a new car, or are expecting a new baby? If you have young children, then this is perfect for you. Using colorless, odorless products and steam cleaning I can deep clean and sterilise your car, killing 99% of germs and making it a clean and safe environment for you and your children.

From £105

 Interior protection detail

As with the standard interior detail the whole of the inside of your car is thoroughly cleaned. Next the leather seats are conditioned and protected to keep them soft and supple. Carpets, mats and fabric seats are protected to repel liquids and  help prevent staining from spills.

From £140

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