For your peace of mind and in line with government guidelines, you may like to know the following ways we work to protect your health and safety: All services carried out on the inside of your car are done with care and the use of appropriate PPE. Once complete, we clean all high contact areas (such as door handles, steering wheel and switches) with IGL Pure. This disinfecting and sanitising spray kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and mould, and its formulation is as per World Health Organisation recommendations.

We may not be able to stop coronavirus, but we take every precaution we can to prevent the spread and keep our customers safe.


Just thorough cleaning, no tricks, dressings or polishes. I believe a cars interior should be as the manufacturer intended.


Steam cleaning, fabric shampooing and extraction and leather deep cleaning will get your car looking its best. 


Fabric and leather protection available, which will keep surfaces soft and supple and reducing the risk of staining.

We offer 3 levels of interior cleaning, from a maintenance clean to keep your car fresh to an in-depth deep clean making sure every surface is immaculately presented. 

Interior detail

A very thorough clean. Everything vacuumed and dusted, then all hard surfaces cleaned. 

Carpets/upholstery shampooed and extracted or steam cleaned. Leather deep cleaned, swabs used to clean crevices and the windows polished.

From £90

Child Friendly 

Interior Detail

Have you just bought a new car, or are expecting a new baby? If you have young children, then this is perfect for you. Using colourless, odourless products and steam cleaning we deep clean and sterilise your car, killing 99% of germs and making it a clean and safe environment for you and your children.

From £120

 Interior maintenance clean.

This is our entry level interior clean, designed for keeping on top of your car once its been detailed.

This service includes a full vacuum and dust of the whole car, all internal glass cleaned and all hard surfaces cleaned.

From £30

 Interior protection.

When it comes to protecting the inside of your car, we keep it nice and simple. For the leather, we use either IGL leather balm to feed and nourish, or IGL leather coating for much more durable protection.

IGL Fabric gives excellent water repellency and is completely odourless so perfect for carpets and mats.

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