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Pre-sale Detailing

BMW X5M Close up front headlight

When it comes to selling your car, first impressions count. A thorough pre-sale detail can add hundreds to the sale price and a well presented car is far likelier to sell quickly.  I offer a set pre-sale service, based on what most customers want done prior to selling their car, which includes thoroughly cleaning the whole car inside and out, including the engine, leaving your car looking showroom ready for any viewing. If you have any areas which need special attention, such as stains or minor scratches just let me know when booking. I am happy to adjust this service to suit any requirements you may have.


Included in this service:


  • multi-stage safe wash

  • wheels cleaned & decontaminated (including inside rims)

  • entire vehicles paint decontaminated (using iron fallout remover, tar remover then clayed to leave paint spotlessly clean and smooth as glass)

  • gloss enhancing paint sealant applied 

  • tyres & wheel arches dressed

  • windows polished inside 

  • engine cleaned, degreased and all plastics/hoses conditioned

  • door shuts and jambs cleaned

  • full interior vacuumed and dusted

  • all internal surfaces cleaned: dash, door cards, centre console etc.

  • carpets/upholstery shampooed and extracted or steam cleaned (whichever is most suitable)

  • leather seats cleaned

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