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Glass Coating

Putting a glass coating on your car windows totally changes the experience of driving in the rain.

Firstly, the rain sits in tight droplets rather than "sheeting" on the glass, instantly improving visibility. (we've all had that experience of driving in the rain, struggling to see whats in front of you as the wipers spread the water across the screen)

Secondly, when using the wipers at low speeds your windows clear effectively with every pass.

Thirdly, and perhaps best, is what happens when driving at speed. Once you reach 40-50mph the water droplets begin to run straight off the windscreen. This means that when driving on the motorway for instance, you will most likely find that you don't need to use the wipers at all, as the windscreen effectively clears itself.


One application of this treatment can last for up to 2 years, or 30,000 miles, depending on aftercare and environmental conditions etc.

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