New Car Protection

Protective coatings that really work, deliver exceptional results and make washing a dream.

We use IGL coatings, the only ceramic coating manufacturer to have been ISO9001 certified, so you can trust that these coatings will protect your car for years to come.

To keep it simple we have a standard new car protection service which gives protective coatings for your paint, wheels and glass as described below for a fixed price. We can make this service totally bespoke to your requirements, just let us know what you need and it can be arranged for you, including covered transport of your car to and from any location.


  • multi-stage safe wash

  • wheels thoroughly cleaned

  • vehicles paint decontaminated (to remove iron fallout and tar spots)

  • gloss enhancing machine polish to smooth and level paint (please note this is not a paint correction)

  • IGL Quartz 2 year ceramic coating on all painted surfaces

  • IGL Eclipse 2 year high temperature coating on wheel faces

  • all windows polished and coated with Gtechniq G1


Price for all of the above:

Small car: £349

Medium car: £375

Large/estate car: £399

SUV and exotics: £425


Sadly, even on new cars the paint often has defects such as swirls, scratches and holograms. We can fix these issues and take the depth and clarity of your cars paint to a level much higher than the factory finish, just ask for more information when booking.


Additional options you may want to consider adding:

  • Longer lasting paint ceramic coatings

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)

  • Wheel removal and full ceramic coating coverage, including callipers

  • Underbody and exhaust system coating

  • Engine coating

  • Leather coating

  • Fabric protection


spread the cost with our payment plan