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Most things you buy new arrive packaged perfectly and look completely flawless. So when you spend what, after your house is probably your biggest investment, you want it to arrive looking incredible right?


Unfortunately with cars, they have been moved, loaded, driven, handled and washed by many different people before the car finally reaches you. This amount of handling can mean that your car could arrive in a less then perfect condion, particularly the paint.

On new cars the paint often has defects such as swirls, scratches and holograms. We can fix these issues and take the depth and clarity of your cars paint to a level much higher than the factory finish.

If you book your new car in with us to be protected we can give you peace of mind from day one, but also by using the tips on this page, we can save you money and hand you back a car which looks better than new with protection to match.

We can make this service totally bespoke to your requirements, just let us know what you need and it can be arranged for you, including covered transport of your car to us from any location.​​

Request a call back

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We would love to hear from you, tell us about your vehicle and we will be in touch to let you know how we can help.

Want to chat? Let us answer any questions you may have, just press the call button.

Prefer to call in? You are most welcome to visit our studio to discuss your requirements. This gives us an opportunity to inspect your vehicle under lights to assess its condition, take paint depth readings and discuss the  options for enhancing and protecting your car.

Our address is: Knight Detailing, Dulford Business Park, Cullompton, Devon EX15 2DY.

So what are the options?

The most popular options are ceramic coatings or paint protection film (PPF).

We are accredited to apply the full range of Garage Therapy ceramic coatings. This company make exceptional coatings which we have so much confidence in that we offer our own personal warranty with all coatings we install, this covers yellowing, cracking, peeling and coating failure. Our warranty does not cover damage from washing, swirls or poor treatment.

We are also Stek and Suntek paint protection film (PPF) installers. The film we use has less texture than the likes of XPEL, making it optically very clear and almost invisible. The film protects from most stone chips and minor abrasions and is also self healing from light scratches, so no more swirls for your cars paint!

We also provide protection options for pretty much every surface of your car, including:

  • Longer lasting paint ceramic coatings

  • Wheel removal and full ceramic coating coverage, including callipers

  • Underbody and exhaust system coating

  • Engine coating

  • Leather coating

  • Fabric protection

  • Interior trim protection

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Dealership Coating Alternative

It's likely that the dealership you buy your car from will offer you some kind of protective coating. These coatings often don't work or perform like a true ceramic coating. If a cars paint isn't properly prepared for ceramic coating then the chances are that it will fail within a very short space of time. We follow the steps below to correctly clean, enhance, cleanse and then protect your cars paint with ceramic coatings.

Learn the truth about ceramic coatings with every question you may answered in our blog post: Ceramic Coatings Explained.


To keep it simple we have a standard new car protection service which gives ceramic coating protection for your cars paint and all trims as described below for a fixed price: £440 for a small car, £455 or £490 for a large or exotic car. Prices include VAT


  • multi-stage safe wash

  • wheels thoroughly cleaned

  • vehicles paint decontaminated (to remove iron fallout and tar spots)

  • gloss enhancing machine polish to smooth and level paint (please note this is not a paint correction)

  • 3 year ceramic coating applied to all exterior paint, plus painted and plastic trims

  • glass cleaned and tyres dressed

  • interior vacuum and dust

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