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Exterior detail 2
Cleanse detail

Exterior Detailing Services

All the exterior car detailing services begin with the same process:

First, the arches are washed, the tyres, wheel faces and barrels cleaned. Then the car is thoroughly washed. This includes a pre-wash to remove the majority of dirt from the car body, then the car is  hand washed using the 2 bucket method to safely clean the paint. Badges, grills, panel gaps, petrol cap, window seals, door shuts and jambs are all cleaned.

Once washed, the paint is decontaminated to remove particles which can bond to the paint. This includes (among others) tar spots, iron fallout, tree sap. Specific chemicals are used for many of these processes, finishing by using a clay bar to smooth the paint and remove any final particles.

The car is given a final rinse and then dried using a combination of warm filtered air and plush drying towels.

Jaguar MKii

Cleanse and Protect Detail

This includes everything described above, plus a light machine polish to enhance the paints gloss then nano sealants applied to the paint and wheels.

Enhancement detail

Enhancement Detail

This is a one day service with a simple aim: to achieve as much gloss and paint correction through machine polishing as possible in one day. By using advanced polishing techniques this service delivers exceptional value for money and can transform your cars paint.

Audi A5 S-line


Correction detail

The correction detail is aimed at getting the best possible finish from your cars paint.

On a new car, this may mean just a single stage machine polish, while a used car which has lots of swirls and scratches may require multiple stages of polishing and wet sanding to achieve the same result.

In both cases, the end result is the same: to achieve permanent removal of 90%-99% of scratches and swirls before refining the finish to a standard which is crisper and glossier than new


The depth and condition of the paint can affect the amount of correction possible, so an inspection prior to booking is essential.  If you want the very best results for your cars paint then this service is perfect for you and it would be worth considering ceramic coatings or Paint Protection Film to protect the paint.

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