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A set of clean wheels looks amazing, but keeping them clean can be time consuming and often means the use of various strong chemicals to remove dirt and brake dust, until now...

Honestly, I just can't sing IGL Eclipse's praise enough! There are lots of coatings on the market, but there is nothing else which is like this and when coating wheels it excels.

With so many applications that it can be used for its incredibly versatile and has some unique features:
🔸Tested to ISO 9001 standards
🔸Extreme chemical resistance
🔸Able to expand and contract with the surface
🔸Withstands extreme temperatures up to 800°c
🔸Hardness rated above 10H
🔸100% silica content
🔸2 years of protection
🔸Incredible gloss and shine
🔸Repels water, dirt and oil
🔸Due to its thick nature it can mask surface imperfections and makes coated surfaces look like new.

This coating is only available to IGL accredited detailers, if you're in the south west and are interested in protecting your car with the finest coatings then please get in touch to arrange an appointment.


The difference between clean and dirty wheels can be as plain as night and day. Having your alloy wheels protected with IGL Eclipse makes them easier to clean, they stay cleaner for longer and it protects the paint underneath. You also won't need strong wheel cleaners to get the brake dust off, just normal car shampoo will be enough.

This is highly recommended for all finishes.

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