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Brake calipers and wheel hubs can become very tired and rusty, letting down the appearance of your car. Our brake caliper painting service can give a fresh new look to your car. We can prepare and paint your brake calipers in almost any colour you choose and we can fit decals to the calipers once they have been fitted. If your wheel hubs are getting rusty like the ones in the photo above, we will prepare and paint these for you when your calipers are painted.


If your calipers are already painted and you would like to change the colour, or refresh the current colour due to fading or stone chips, we can finish them in whatever colour you want.

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Our address is: Knight Detailing, Dulford Business Park, Cullompton, Devon EX15 2DY.


When we paint your cars brake calipers, we put your car on our scissor lift to lift the car off the ground and remove the wheels. The calipers then get cleaned and prepared. Prior to painting, we cover the car with protective sheeting, and mask up all areas not getting painted. When the brake calipers are painted, we first prime the surface, then paint with your choice of colour and finally lacquer the calipers to protect the finish. While the wheels are off the car, we deep clean them before refitting them and tightening the wheel nuts to the correct torque settings.


We will be taking off and cleaning your wheels as part of this service anyway, so why not take advantage of this and have your wheels and calipers ceramic coated at the same time? When you add wheel ceramic coating to having your calipers painted we do this for a discount off the usual price. By ceramic coating your wheels and calipers, it makes it so much easier to clean them. The ceramic coating we use can take temperatures in excess of 600℃, are highly chemical resistant and are really hydrophobic. This means that instead of needing strong wheel cleaners to remove dirt and brake dust, on most washes you'll only need an initial snowfoam, and shampoo. We recommend using Garage Therapy wheel shampoo for cleaning your wheels, which we stock in our shop.


The price can vary depending on the condition and size of your calipers, but typically it costs from £360 (including VAT) for a set of 4 calipers to be repainted. We charge £30 for painting the wheel hubs. We charge £20 For fitting a set of decals. If you also have your alloys wheels ceramic coated at the same time, this usually costs from £180 for a set of 4 wheels.

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These Audi R8 spider wheels had just been refurbished and the owner wanted the calipers to look as striking and fresh as the wheels. The calipers were repainted from black to red, new decals fitted  and we ceramic coated the wheels and calipers to give amazing gloss and easy washing for the future.

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