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payment plan
Water droplets on car paint after its been protected.

Giving an exact price for any service without inspecting a car first can be difficult. Not all cars are created equal and detailing a car to a high standard is time consuming. There are many factors which can affect how long a job will take and in some cases certain issues do not present themselves immediately or are not visible at first inspection.


I offer a free, no obligation inspection and quotation service, so we can look at the car together, discuss what's involved and make a plan on the best course of action to get your car looking the way you want. I will give you a quote based on the usual amount of time/products it takes to complete a service, inclusive of tax. I usually give a spread of prices when quoting, i.e. a minimum/maximum price so you know how much it is likely to cost.

The prices in the chart below are based on the usual amount of time/products required to complete a job. Please note that the size and condition of your vehicle can greatly affect the cost of any service.

If you would like advice on what would best suit your car/budget, just let me know - I'm very happy to help in any way I can, including how to look after your car yourself.

The more information you are able to give me when making an enquiry, the better. Including the following will help me  geta clear picture of your car and give a more accurate quote.

  • The make, model and year

  • Paint colour (any current paint protection?)

  • General condition and areas that need particular attention,

  • When the car was last detailed

Larger vehicles will cost more according to their size as most jobs will likely take longer.


Supercars, exotics and many sports cars will cost more due to the intricate nature or their shape/design.

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