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After you've had your whole car detailed, it's a joy to get into. I use the finest eco-friendly products to deliver outstanding results which complement your cars various surfaces. As with all my services you can simply let me know which protection options you want and I can tailor it to suit your exact requirements.


Full car detail


  • multi-stage safe wash

  • door jambs, shuts and boot cleaned and degreased

  • wheels cleaned & decontaminated (including inside rims)

  • vehicle dried

  • 3 stage paint decontamination (using iron fallout remover, tar remover then clayed to leave paint spotlessly clean and smooth as glass)

  • paint given light machine polish to enhance gloss and remove any marring from clay bar process

  • paint cleansed to remove polish residue prior to paint sealant

  • nano paint sealant applied ( up to 6 months protection)

  • wheel faces sealed with nano-sealant

  • tyres & wheel arches dressed

  • all plastic trim restored (lasts 6-8 months)

  • windows polished

  • engine cleaned, degreased, dried & all hoses & plastics conditioned


  • entire car vacuumed and dusted

  • centre console, dash, door cards, door pillars, vents and all other hard surfaces steam cleaned

  • all carpets, upholstery and mats shampooed & extracted or steam cleaned

  • leather deep cleaned, conditioned and protected

  • air con sanitised

  • windows polished


Go Deeper

For a really in-depth clean of the entire car, including everything from the full car detail as described above but also taking the wheels off, deep cleaning them, steam cleaning the arches, brake calipers and underbody of the car.


Knight Signature Detail


Choosing the Knight Signature Detail is the most luxurious treatment for your car.

Nothing is left out as your car is meticulously cleaned, both inside and out. The engine is detailed, the wheels taken off and thoroughly cleaned along with the suspension and underbody.

The paint will be machine polished to the highest achievable standard, leaving it with a deep gloss and clarity that exceeds the condition of when it was new. 

Once complete, the full range of IGL ceramic coatings and protective sealants are used to protect and enhance the entire car. This includes the flagship coating Kenzo for all painted surfaces, the unique and extremely tough Eclipse for the underbody, engine, brake calipers, exhaust system, wheels and arches. All glass is coated, along with all trims, fabrics, leather and internal surfaces.

The result is an immaculately presented car, jaw dropping paint, protection that lasts for years and easy future maintenance.

With the correct aftercare, your car can stay looking this good, permanently.

This service takes upwards of a week to complete and prices are provided on inspection of the car. A thorough inspection is essential prior to booking.


Maintenance Detail

Keep your car looking spectacular all the time.

When your car is already in a good condition, the maintenance detail is perfect for keeping it that way. This is a thorough clean of your car, both inside and out, helping to maintain your cars condition all year round.

First a safe wash and spray sealant on the outside. Inside the whole car is vacuumed and dusted, all hard surfaces and glass cleaned. Door shuts and jambs cleaned. 

If you need something extra doing, just ask when booking. Take a look at additional services for a full list of products available.

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