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Below are our additional services, which can be added onto any of the detailing services. We have a range of set packages, but will happily tailor any of them to suit your exact needs.


We offer a free, no obligation quotes.

Either give me a call, or email through the contact form and I can help you to choose an option which best suits your needs and budget. I look forward to hearing from you...

Call: 07883585858 to speak directly to David.

Paint decontamination

Paint Decontamination 

This is a 3 stage process which safely removes all bonded particles from your paint which normal washing and polishing cannot - such as; tar, tree sap, overspray, and iron fallout, leaving it as smooth as glass.

An essential step prior to any machine polishing.

car paint decontamination: clay bar, iron fallout remover and tar spot removal
Convertible roof cleaning and protection
Before and after cleaning and protecting a cars convertible roof

Convertible Roof Cleaning
& Protection

Is your convertibles roof going green? Over time, a build up of algae can make your cars fabric hood look really dirty and tired.

This service uses a specialized cleaner which will not only get rid of the algae and dirt, but also includes anti-bacterial agents which help to prevent mould regrowth. Once fully clean we then give the car a thorough safe wash and wax then re-waterproof the hood for future protection while can last up to 18 months.

Engine detailing

Engine Detailing

A build up of dirt, grease and oil can cause problems for your engine. Having your engine detailed helps to extend the life of many perishable components in your engine which are sensitive to oil, grease and grit.


First the engine is thoroughly cleaned and degreased, then all plastics and hoses are conditioned and protected before the engine is dried.

Before and after cleaning a car engine: degreasing the engine, then conditioning all the lastics and hoses
Headlight restoration
Before and after of a headlight restoration: cloudy yellow headlights are restored to a crystal clear finish and then sealed for protection.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight lenses can become oxidised & cloudy when exposed to extreme cold & harsh sunlight. This lack of clarity can seriously impare visibility when driving at night and, if left, can lead to MOT failure. Rather than having the expense of replacing your headlights, (which can cost hundreds of pounds) this service restores clarity to the lenses, for safe driving & clearer night-time vision.

Leather care and protection

Leather Care & Protection

Without regular care, leather will dry out, crack and become damaged.


First, the leather is thoroughly and gently cleaned using a leather cleaner and soft leather brush to remove ingrained dirt from the surface. It is then dried before a leather specific conditioner and protectant is gently massaged into it. This nourishes the leather, leaving a soft, supple finish while protecting against soiling to make future cleaning easier.

Car leather seat cleaning, feeding, condtioning and protection.
Fabric shampooing and protection
before and after car seat and carpets shampoo and extraction and car seat steam cleaning

Fabric Shampooing

& Extraction

Sometimes vacuuming and normal cleaning alone cannot shift the ingrained dirt, spilt drinks or food which your vehicles interior can be exposed to.

Shampooing and extracting your carpets and seats can clean deeper & more thoroughly. With the use of an odour eliminator and a bio-active stain remover, mould can be stopped from spreading & stubborn stains tackled.

Plastic Trim Restoration

The picture says it all. Trim and bumpers often fade which can seriously detract from your vehicles appearance.


This trim restorer will make plastic trim look like new again, (barring any damage) while leaving it water repellant and protected. One application will last 6-8 months, subsequent treatments will last approximately 1 year.

before and after faded car trim restoration.
Plastic trim restoration
before and after vehicle sign writing removal

Sign Writing Removal

Sign writing is a fantastic way of advertising your business, what's not so great is the shadow that is often left behind when its removed.

Whether you've just bought a vehicle and can still see the sign writing from the previous owner, you're about to sell the vehicle, or return it at the end of a lease period, we can safely remove sign writing - polishing the paint afterwards so that it looks like it was never there.

sign writing removal
Ai-con sanitizing

Air-con Sanitizing

Over time bacteria can build up in your air con system, causing it to smell and even be the cause of illness for you and your family.

By flushing the air-con system with super-heated low-moisture steam directly in to the vents and ducts I can eliminate odours, dust mites, allergens, germs and even airborne viruses.

Car air con sanitizing and steam cleaning.
Fabric Protection

Fabric Protection

Protect your cars carpets and upholstery from water and oil based stains.


The product we use coats the fabric without changing the look or feel of it and is highly water repellent. It makes fabrics waterproof and easy to clean.


One application can last between 6-18 months.

Matt Pain Care

Matt Paint Care

If you own a car which has either matte paint or a matte vinyl wrap then it's important to look after it correctly. Improper care of this type of paint can lead to shiny spots and many regular car wash techniques can cause damage to it.


 Knight Detailing carry products which are safe to use on matte finishes to look after your car - maintaining it's finish safely without adding any unwanted gloss and keeping it looking as intended.


We also have matte specific paint sealants and ceramic coatings which will protect the paint without adding gloss.

Matte car paint washing and protection and matte vinyle wrapping
Badge removal
 Safe removal of car badges for a cleaner, sleeker look

Badge Removal

There are many reasons why you might want your cars badges removed. If you want a cleaner, sleeker look, or just want a more understated anonymous look for your car then having it de-badged is a great solution.


You can have your badges removed, leaving no trace they were ever there. 

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