Safe Car Wash

Porsche Cayman S safe wash

The single most important part of taking care of your car is the wash process.

Traditional washing practices and automatic car washes cause fine scratches (swirls) on your cars paint with each wash. Over time these swirls build to a point where the paint becomes dull and loses its clarity. See my paint correction section for more details.

My safe wash eliminates the risk of causing swirls and fine scratches to your cars paint in as many processes as possible when washing your car. Through using professional grade products, equipment and processes I can minimize the chances of adding swirls when washing, which will keep your car looking its best for far longer.

Whats included:


  • citrus pre-wash to break down dirt and traffic film

  • snow foam of entire vehicle to loosen and liquefy dirt and grit

  • grill, window sills and badges etc all cleaned with a soft bristle brush

  • wheels cleaned & decontaminated (including inside rims) 

  • vehicle hand washed using pure shampoo, the two bucket method and grit guards, with a super-soft luxury wash mitt.

  • long lasting spray on sealant applied to the whole car

  • vehicle blow dried using a high power blower

  • tyres dressed