Car Paint Protection

Whatever level of car paint protection you choose, this is an essential step in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle, while making future cleaning easier. A high quality wax, sealant or ceramic coating will repel water and dirt, add gloss, depth of shine and even help to reduce the risk of fine scratches. Below are options for protecting your cars paint. If you want really long term and unrivaled protection, you should consider a ceramic coating. The effectiveness and duration of any coating is dependant on how it is cared for after application. Correct after-care is essential to prolong the life of your cars paint coating.

Up to 3 months

Gyeon wetcoat. This is a fantastic paint sealant, giving incredible water repellency and beading along with a deep gloss. Each coating protects the paint, rubber, plastics and glass. From £15

water droplets on car paint after being waxed
Audi RS4 Nardo Grey

Up to 6 months

Ecocoat Premier is a water based 0% VOC nanotechnology super Hydrophobic layer that's non-yellowing, high gloss and dirt repelling which cross-links along with all surfaces of your vehicle. Giving a long lasting safeguard. From £25

Up to 12 months

Jetseal 109 is a nano-tech sealant which bonds to your paint, delivering a high gloss protective shield which will last up to 12 months. It can be applied to all painted metal surfaces , fibreglass , glass, metals and painted plastics. From £65

VW Karmann Ghia after polishing and protecting